The main purpose of PPL’s activity is the development of air transport infrastructure in Poland, guaranteeing that Polish passengers have full access to international transport routes and attracting some of them to Poland.  
Fulfilling these strategic goals will not only ensure efficient management of the Enterprise’s assets, generating profits on investments, but also contribute to the development of the entire aviation sector in Poland and the growth of PPL business group’s international reputation, along with the status of other companies operating on the Polish dynamic aviation market.
The Enterprise’s basic strategic document, setting directions for development, is PPL’s Strategy for the years 2014 – 2024.
Our priorities:
Development of the state’s aviation infrastructure, linked to the growth of the entire air transport sector, boosting revenues in the short- and long-term, increasing infrastructure safety, which ensures a safer environment for passengers, goods and services provided by our partners from the aviation and non-aviation industry, implementing processes allowing PPL to maintain a role of most efficient and innovative provider of aeronautical services, developing PPL’s business activity and new attractive areas of business, related to PPL’s basic activities, placing PPL among top European airport operators.     
Ethics and values:

Basic values included in the Enterprise’s Business Ethics Code, which guide us in our business activities, are:
•    honesty and integrity,
•    customer-friendly approach,
•    safety,
•    professionalism,
•    transparency.

‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise stands for:
•    a strategic state-owned entity,
•    the highest level of state infrastructure safety,
•    a leader in the aviation sector both in Poland and in Middle and Eastern Europe,
•    a reliable business partner in Poland and abroad,
•    a dynamic, modern and innovative enterprise,
•    the highest standards of management and conducting business activity,
•    development, efficiency and maximization in all areas of functioning,
•    a stable and prospective employer,
•    sustainable growth and eco-friendly, community-friendly approach,
•    people who work 24/7 for comfort and safety of other people.

Strategy of ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise:
PPL’s business strategy, based on 4 pillars, involves:
Growth of value
Increasing the value through maximizing profits in the short- and long-term perspective is the major strategic direction both for the Enterprise and for PPL Business Group. It involves increasing the Group’s revenues from basic activity (airport sector) and other activity conducted by companies of the Group, while maintaining a high return rate on state-provided funds.
Involvement in the development of the Polish aviation sector

PPL is an aviation industry leader in Poland, actively involved in shaping regulations and strategic planning of the development of the state’s airport infrastructure through lobbying activities, representing the industry and securing funds for increasing capacity.  
Securing a dynamic and long-term revenue growth

PPL  aims at diversifying the activity of the Business Group and development of non-aviation activity.
Improving efficiency

PPL makes effort to optimize the portfolio of companies comprising the Business Group (taking decisions on keeping companies, establishing new ones and increasing involvement in existing ones), whole taking steps to improve the efficiency (operational and financial) of these companies and optimizing the Business Group’s resources.