The basic principles applied by the employees of Polish Airports (PPL) are the respect for the law and searching for rational and honest solutions. Also, when making any business contact with the customers, we take under consideration the impact of our decisions and their interaction with all the stakeholders involved. All our actions are characterized by the openness and an efficient communication with all the stakeholders interested in cooperation, which helps us build trust in business by showing our partners respect and honesty of our relationship, which is being developed.

Respecting the law, athical and moral guidelines, as well as the basics of honesty, integrity, safety, professionalism and transparency in business relationships are the core principles applied by PPL employees. Adherence to these key rules allow the Entrepise to achieve and maintain a high resilience to any forms of fraud.

All of the tenders at the Polish Airports are led according to the Public orders law (Journal of Laws 2004 No. 19 item.177) and the Purchasing Procedure. These proceedings are carried out in accordance with the principles of respect for the law and responsibility. Compliance with these rules is particularly important for the purchase process and its continuity.

Information about the current purchasing processes is available at: