PPL celebrates the memory and promotes the achievements of Fryderyk Chopin, the Warsaw airport’s namesake. Since the airport naming we have supported events dedicated to the work of the great composer. By popularizing Chopin’s music we help better protect and cultivate his work.

In our endeavours to promote culture we support events commemorating the legacy of Fryderyk Chopin, who was closely tied to the Mazovian region and expressed the Polish spirit in his music.
We work closely with the National Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw, the organizer of Chopin and his Europe International Festival. The airport has been one of the sponsors of the festival for many years.   
Thanks to the efforts of PPL employees, Chopin’s pieces can be frequently heard in Warsaw airport’s terminal. To bring music closer to travellers we have placed a grand piano and an upright piano in the terminal, on which passengers are welcome to play, should they feel an inspiration before the journey.