Environmental protection, including the mitigation of airport impact on their surroundings, particularly with respect to Warsaw Chopin Airport, is one of the priorities of Polish Airports sustainable development policy.

For over ten years the Polish Airports has maintained an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 standard. A systemic approach to environmental management allows for coordination and facilitation of activities in the following areas:
  1. noise mitigation,
  2. air protection,
  3. water and sewage management,
  4. protection of the soil and water environment,
  5. waste management.
  • We have a most technically advanced aviation noise monitoring system in Poland and conduct constant measurements of noise at the airport.  
  • We provided incentives for airlines to use quiet and modern fleets.
  • We cooperate with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency to optimize the rules of air traffic for Chopin Airport to mitigate noise.
  • We have our own rainwater and meltwater treatment facility to protect surface water. We examine and monitor the state of surface water on a regular basis.
  • We built a system of water storage reservoirs, with a capacity of approx. 40 000 m3, to prevent flooding on areas, which are lower than PPL-operated areas in periods of heavy rain.
  • Thanks to special facilities equipped with installations ensuring the separation of generated wastewater and their proper management, aircraft de-icing at Chopin Airport is performed without harm to the natural environment.  
  • There is a modern photovoltaic system of solar panels in place at the airport, utilizing clean, renewable energy.  
  • We use a system of piezometres to control the condition of soil and water environment.
  • We regularly examine groundwater quality at the 1st and 2nd aquifer.
  • Municipal, hazardous and other than hazardous waste management is carried out ina reasonable fashion, with emphasis put on recycling, recovery and utilisation.  
  • We work only with specialist companies, meeting the highest standards with respect to technical base, equipment used and waste transport.